Asleep, you can access the full creativity of your unconscious mind.

Dreams provide a window to your ambition, fear, spirituality, sexuality, and all the influences that bleed into your life through the environment around you.

‘Dream’ is a photographic experience paired with an interactive exhibition created by Michael Woods.

August 30 - September 4 at the Meat Market Stables

2 Wreckyn Street, North Melbourne.

10AM - 10PM.

The Clown

He’s always there, waiting where you can never see…

We’ve all had that Dream before… someone chasing you, running away from something but your legs don’t work; No matter how hard you try, it gets you.

Lucid Dreaming is weird, I actually didn’t realise I could lucid dream until I started telling people about the shoots in this project and how the ideas were conceptualised.

In nightmares where I couldn’t run or escape, I would consciously go through the motions of teaching myself to run. One leg in front of the other, faster & faster, until I could finally run again. What a tiring way to sleep.


Desert Woman

Stumbling through the desert; the burning heat made better by a slight wind, which swiftly serves to instil fear of the approaching night. #Dream

Logistically, this shoot was a nightmare to approach. So many factors came into play to make this a reality. We needed a beautiful summer day - that wasn’t too hot, without wind, when people were available.

Dream was primarily shot over the course of a week in a warehouse, a blank canvas where I could construct my nightmares. This was the only location shoot, and suffice it to say I had an ambitious choice of location to bring two lights and a 10KG metal chain.

Welcome to the Desert.

Pull my Hair.

I’d love to tell you more about this, but honestly, I think it speaks for itself.

Sometimes, you just want someone to pull your hair.

Run From Religion

You've been Caught. Escape in a Dream.

Loosely conceptualised from a dream where I was in a school church, trying to escape, but was caught every single time I tried to escape.

I never could, doomed to suffer in boredom as religious anecdotes soared over my head. This interpretation is slightly more cinematic, but hey, Dreams are exaggerations, are they not?

Year 45

Congratulations! You've completed year 45 of the simulation. ⁠⁠

From the whole dream Campaign, this video in particular is my favourite. The whole day was so easy & fun with the epic crew we had on site and this surmises it beautifully. ⁠

Violet, Max, Harry & I had all of an hour to shoot this, but the entire shoot was filled with so much laughter and fun, it turned a stressful, boiling hot summers day into one of the breeziest shoots of the week.

Year 45 was inspired by creative frustration, the only instance of creative block having any purpose. At times, It seems idealistic to drop the pursuit of 'Big City Dreams' and work a 9-5. Where the stress of money, creative direction & general success isn't a worry. ⁠

On the other side... Lies the concept of sacrificing or volunteering your creativity for the success of someone else...⁠

There's nothing wrong with either side, and there's nothing to say that my subconscious mentality towards it is correct in any shape or form, but it's a double sided coin of reality that has always appeared spinning, spinning spinning and never landing. It’s plagued me. I'll be the first to admit that I've had low points in my Career, but I have never; will never give up. This is my life. ⁠

The Cell

Introducing - The Cell.

This dream tied in with the prior. I wanted to portray a literal imprisonment in parody with working life (in any genre).

Out of all the sets we had in the week of shooting Dream… This one was the hardest build. What seems like an easy cell had actually had a lot of work on it to make it safe.

Not to mention, in order to get the model in and out of the cage we literally had to drill out some of the poles to get him out.

Let’s just say… Once he was in the prison. He wasn’t getting out until we got the shot!

Liam Boswell (the talent) has helped me with projects since my uni days, it was an absolute pleasure getting him back to help me out on the Cell.

Tied by Nature

This was our second day in the warehouse & our first day of shooting. Tied by Nature was based off of a few dreams, but mainly theorised around the idea of battling with nature. We destroy this beautiful planet of ours every day. The harder we pull, the tighter it gets, wrapping itself around us until we eventually suffocate ourselves.

The team for this one was also ace. Lissy Jaye understood the vision perfectly and I had an excellent crew help me construct this giant flat lay.

Come and see the real thing. August 30 - September 4 at the Meat Market Stables, North Melbourne.