Argentina 2018

“I’m not going to go away for a while, at least until my Europe trip” I remember thinking. “I’m just going to stick around in Melbourne and get through some work”. What a fabulous lie I told myself stepping on board my flight to Vietnam. Little did I know it was here that I would meet Violet, a fantastic Argentinian who graciously offered to host me during my stay

From what I can tell, Argentina and Australia are distant relatives who love nothing more than slapping some meat on a barbie. Whilst I think they’ve taken the much more cultured approach to it, we still get an A for effort. This country also has an amazing craft beer & bar scene, I couldn’t get enough of their IPA’s the entire time, not to mention they have the wine to match.

While my jet lag eased off, we took things easy & headed off to the old country towns surrounding Buenos Aires (of course) to lunch and eat what you will become all too familiar with in this Gallery - Dulce Leche, Otherwise known as caramel. Argentina is ‘Loco’ for Dulce Leche, it is genuinely offensive to say no to it at a dinner table. Trust me, I learned the hard way. While I followed Violet blindly I lack the names for these gorgeous places, so here’s a feast for your eyes.

One of things I loved about South American culture was their dedication to enjoying their meals. So much so it’s literally embedded in their language. In english ‘Lunch’ is a noun, in Spanish it’s ‘Almozar’ which is the verbTo Lunch’.

On a solo trip through Pallermo I came across this man, who’s job it was to literally hold up the train crossing to let traffic through. Upon telling my Argentinian friends this I received a response I became all too familiar with “Haha, Argentina” as though it were the most simply natural but bizarre thing. I received the same response when I was telling a story to Violet’s mother who was slowly losing attention while we spoke. I thought it was the language barrier, but apparently behind my head someone was jumping off the third floor of their building and climbing down the building from the outside, landing, dusting off his hands and walking off, carrying on his day. “Haha, Argentina”.

On a new day solo in Buenos Aires, I ventured out on a new expedition, this time trying to see some art galleries. Little did I know I went on the day that they were all closed (Don’t bother on Mondays ladies and gentleman). I was ‘forced'‘ to spend another day sitting in cafe’s, but couldn’t help but be inspired by the streets around the law university. An awe inspiring building abandoned by a government prioritising themselves over their people.

A quick stop at La Panera Rosa to fix my hanger.

I stopped at ‘La Recoleta’ cemetery of Buenos Aires. Allegedly, celebrities and very important people pay thousands of US dollars just to be buried here, guarded by gorgeous felines, this graveyard has quite an intriguing air to it, with families piled up by the dozens on the walls surrounding…

I’ll admit, it felt strange taking photos in a Cemetery, yet with the celebrity theming I couldn’t help but find it fitting (and necessary). Never the less, I walked through with respect.

Taking my leave, I stumbled back homewards through yet another beautiful sunset in Argentina, something I became all too used to over there.

Wrapping up my time in the north, Violet & I headed south to live the cabin life near Bariloche, a beautiful small lakeside town with gorgeous mountains on the surrounds. It is here I decided to learn to ski. It is here, that I failed.

The south held lots and lots of driving for us, Violet had rented a manual which she later learned to her dismay that I can only drive an Auto. Never the less, this gave me more opportunities to snap flicks on the road.

With the south all wrapped up, this just about meant goodbye. Going our seperate ways, I’ll never forget that gorgeous country or how kind the people there are.

For now, I have other adventures tackle, next up on My Guide to the Galaxy ~ Athens.