My Best of 2018

A friend of mine said to me I really need to write down some of the things I do, because when asked what I've been up to recently, my brain instantly forgets anything I've been doing & I resort to checking my calendar, I'm useless. So here it is, my photographic highlights of 2018.

1: The White Album - Shooting Chris Cheney, Phil Jamieson, Tim Rogers & Josh Pyke. Press images from this ended up on the sides of The Opera House in Syd & QPAC in Queensland. I will never, ever forget this shoot, it was pure Rock 'N' Roll and I couldn't have been happier to share that shoot with anyone other than my Dad.

The White Album (Web)-1.jpg

2: White Night, One beautiful reason why it's the best city in the world. Taking photos of fire breathing dragons & Melbourne's State Library illuminated by animations and projections.

White Night - Michael Woods-2.jpg

3: Shooting for delicious. Australia at Dinner by Heston BlumenthalVue de monde & Cumulus Inc. (and eating there too).

4: A gorgeous wedding for two in Melbourne's City.

5: The Bird Cage - Because Fashion, for Broadsheet Melbourne.

6: The Espy - I'd listened to my parents go on and on about this venue since I was a kid. I felt so nervous, for this Job because of the expectations built into me through this. The shoot was a dream and watching everyone work together in there on such a large project was really inspiring. Highlight.

7: Shooting for Novotel Melbourne Central & Ibis Melbourne Central & their new Restaurants, Goldie Asian Canteen + Brews & Pretty Boy Floyds. A fantastic campaign with Hatching Communications.

8: EVERYTHING Untitled Group... Particularly Green Velvet, one of my favourite DJ's on the planet who fills up a stage with his electric smile. Finishing his set I was standing right next to him, all he could do was laugh and smile and walked off stage and pulled me in to hug me (having never met him before), he just wanted someone to share it with, and I was happy to be the person hugging him back. I try not to fangirl... but boy did I lose it at that.

9: Mjølner & Ms Collins for World Whisky Week, I tried a $50 glass of Whisky... Yum.

10: The Everleigh - you know why.

11: I woke up at 5 in the freakin' morning to roll into the National Gallery of Victoria to photograph a live dance performance marathon through the halls of the Melbourne Arts Centre & NGV's MoMa exhibit. An interpretive art piece that wanted participants to look at Art differently.

12: 2018 Took me just about everywhere. I travelled for work & pleasure to Vietnam, Cambodia, Bali, Greece, Italy, Spain, Amsterdam, Argentina & Singapore.

The photos are all going up on my blog, but I thought I'd place a few in here, namely from shooting The Great Moscow Circus in Singapore. A crazy week in a steaming hot city (that I sadly didn't get to see much of other than the event space) More on this later, but I'll never forget it.

13: This year I started working with TGI Fridays Australia. I shot their Thanksgiving campaign which ended up featured on menus and in store displays all around Aus...

Well. 13 Sounds like too many. I'm going to wrap things up there but I'll without a doubt have forgotten something. To surmise, the opportunities I’ve had this year have been phenomenal, and I can’t thank everyone enough.

My new years resolution for last year was to follow my heart in all facets of my life, it lead me into a completely new style of shooting & all over the world, for travel, fun, work, relationships, everything. It was a wild ride.

I'm sure that same resolution will do for 2019.

Much love everyone <3, Happy new year.